typewriter-successScriptwriting is an art, and not always as easy as it sounds.

FULL CIRCLE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS helps clients write engaging and informative scripts and dialogue, conversational in tone and appropriate for electronic media. This is often quite different than writing for print, where readers can go back and re-read a sentence. If a sentence isn’t understood in a video production, the meaning could be lost.

Here’s some points to consider when scriptwriting for video . . .

The overriding consideration in writing narration and dialogue is clarity, not necessarily following proper written form. The objective is to make it easy for the narrator or character to read, and easier for an audience to understand.

Engaging an audience emotionally is essential in making them care about the people and content of the production.

It’s important to correlate audio and video, as viewers are accustomed to having what they see on screen relate to what they hear.

Pacing the presentation according to the ability of the target audience to grasp the concepts can make or break a production.

Keeping it simple is important. It is not useful to pack too many facts into one program.

Just a few basic scriptwriting facts . . .

Let FULL CIRCLE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS help you get your message out, starting with a clear, effective, engaging script.