On The Wild Side ~

Meetings with Remarkable Women

Produced by Marigold Fine & Shana Ross

A growing number of women are reclaiming a creative spirit unstifled by society, living their lives directed by intuition, led by heart and feelings. Many in this movement are called “wild,” for they are freer, more open, less afraid of expressing their truth.

This video is about some of these women — playing and working, living and celebrating their lives. The characters visited are wise, inspiring, authentic and intriguing — qualities of The Wild Woman — an archetype for our times. They are real-life models of a new way of being alive.

It is a fast-moving, energetic piece, encouraging women and girls to step outside of old limiting ideas and cultural restrictions, into renewed power and freedom.

Running time: 35:00

Some of the topics include:

  • What is a Wild Woman?
  • Wild Women & Feminist History
  • Wild Women & Creative Work
  • Wild Women of Wisdom
  • Animals & The Natural World
  • Singing, Dancing & Drumming