“It was a pleasure working with you. Your creative and professional energy sure came through for me, considering time and budget constraints we had to deal with. I am very pleased with the finished product and I am looking forward to seeing the reaction from our customers at the trade show in New Orleans. I look forward to ‘the next’ project.”
~ Michael Bank – Beta Technology, Inc.

MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS . . .The Tie That Bonds

“This is a warm, engaging and heartfelt video about the healing that takes place over time between mothers and daughters. I particularly enjoyed the honesty and diversity. Watching these women interact provides us with models of healing and hope.”
~ Ellen Bass, co-author, The Courage to Heal

“Marigold Fine and May Wolff have created a comprehensive and compelling overview of the mother-daughter relationship with all its joy, pain and complexity. Filled with candid, emotional interviews from mothers, grandmothers and daughters, this video will make you smile, make you cry and most of all make you appreciate your mother. It’s an important video for all women.”
~ Hope Edelman, Author, Motherless Daughters

“… I am very fond of your film and think you have done an outstanding job of portraying the interconnections between mothers and daughters. Having three daughters myself and a special connection with my mom, it would be an honor to distribute your film.”
~ Leslie Kussman, President, Aquarius Productions, Inc.

“Your video of mothers and daughters was outstanding. I can’t get it out of my head. The children and mothers were so brave. I feel privileged to be a part of it.”
~ Ruth Schatan

“What a lovely finale to a celebration of Mother’s Day for me to absorb your video tribute. What a fine and insightful work — well done!”
~ Ginnie Watts

ON THE WILD SIDE . . . Meetings With Remarkable Women

“Especially magical is the way the video accomplishes its goal of offering spiritual nurturance in a deliciously pleasurable form. There is a lovely gentleness about this video, a courageous offering of wisdom and love that is entirely innocent of dogma or arrogance . . . a little island of delight you can visit again and again . . . a spiritually nourishing cornucopia of valuable reminders about living in health and fullness.
ON THE WILD SIDE needs to be in your library.”
~ La Gazette

“This remarkable video by Santa Cruz gals Marigold Fine and Shana Ross chronicles goddesses of California’s central coast in all their glory.”
~ Bookpeople

“Your film captures a beautiful essence that ‘plants seeds which will grow’ in all who participate in the viewing.”
~ Nicole Morelli, Professional Women’s Network

“The interviews reveal images of the wise, authentic and intriguing qualities inherent in all women.”
~ NAPRA Trade Journal

“Thank you so much for the wonderful video. I cried a bit . . . and rejoiced. You gave us a wonderful gift.”
~ Mary Atkins, Body Image Task Force